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Abrasive Paper Rolls

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1. The Transformed Products

  The big abrasive paper rolls, which width is up to 1650mm, can be divided into small rolls. What’s more, the big rolls can be transformed as sheets, belts and other types.


2. How to Use The Abrasive Paper Rolls

  The products can be used with angle grinder, edge grinding machine and other tools.


3. Parameter and Application


Coffee Brown


Up to 1650mm

Grit Size


Abrasive Material

Aluminium Oxide

Backing Material



Resin over Resin


Open coating, waterproof and stearic acid.
High grinding ratio, long service life, good finish;
Effectively reducing clogging and dust during sanding process;


Widely applied in hard wood, metal, plastic painted articles, automotive lacquer finish.

4. The Series Sanding Paper Rolls We Can Provide

  Except for the C-paper backing abrasive rolls, we can also provide the sanding rolls as: the fibre paper backing, the A to E-paper backing sanding rolls. As for the D-paper backing, it is generally used for light grinding, and usually it can be transformed as sanding belts of 1900*630mm for floor grinding.

(We can provide customized products.)

  The following products for your reference:

◇ PDK41 P60~P1000  Medium weight, very suitable for fine processing of wood, furniture, musical instruments, leather, etc.

◇ PDC41 P60~P1000  Suitable for fine processing of wood, painted surfaces, etc.

◇ PFK41 P60~P400  Very heavy products, mainly used for the processing of hard wood, fiberboard, metal, etc.

5. The Technology and Production Process of The Sanding Paper Rolls

  The modern production lines and advanced original fabric treatment technology ensures the best performance of different backings. The sophisticated equipment optimizes the even distribution of bonds. The grains can be directionally aligned during the process of electrostatic sand-planting, which enables the coated abrasives have excellent sharpness. The multi-directional flexibility from various angles ensures the good softness of the coated abrasives.

6. FAQ

Are you a factory or trading company?

  We are an export treading company that have more than 8 years experience.

Can I get some samples?

  We are honored to offer you free samples, but customer should bear freight cost.

What are the basic raw materials used in manufacture of coated abrasives?

  Grain - a synthetic or natural abrasive;

  Bond - an adhesive that permanently bonds the backing to the abrasive;

  Backing - a backing that the abrasive is bonded to.

What types of abrasives are best for finishing specific materials?

  Bonded abrasives are generally used when removing heavy stock or cutting concrete or metals.

  Coated abrasives are generally used for grinding, de-burring or finishing hard or soft woods,     ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

What different types of abrasive bonds are used in coated abrasives?

  Glue - A system where both coats are made of animal glue is used when the strength of the bond is       not an important factor, such as with lightweight papers and materials.

  Resin over Glue - A system where the make coat is animal glue, and the size coat is either urea or   phenolic resin. It is used when more strength and heat resistance is necessary.

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